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Reflections on Day One at #CIPDACE

I wake this morning to rain in Manchester. How unexpected! Slightly more expected was for me to achieve my goals for Day One.

However, I did not expect to exceed my expectations to such an extent. Why was this? Well perhaps a good starting point is to go back to what I expected. In the order which springs to mind these were - to refresh my knowledge and enhance this with new learning, to meet great people and to have fun.

Turning to the first of these I am going to summarise. For full content of sessions please see @Gary_Cookson blogs, which are impressively comprehensive and other blogs and tweets from the #cipdblogsquad.

In summary my consolidate learning was the importance of purpose, alignment, great line management and leaders understanding how to create then cultures that their organisations need.

What I took personally is that my professional practice is on the right lines, that there will always be greater (and perhaps lesser) practitioners. That I can add more polish and articulate better what I do and the difference that I make.

Also there are sparks, phrases or moments that trigger greater insights for me.

And it was fantastic to add to my expectations with fantastic free learning from Mark Gilroy, MD at TMSDI on the Future of Teams; and learning how to create professional videos. These were worthwhile bonuses.

Just as importantly was connecting with the #ConnectingHR network which spans from Manchester through Leeds and York and upto Newcastle. These people and this network has been like oxygen to me. Helping with perspective, insights and actually producing mutually beneficial work.

You guys are the best! @deanhorman @e_j_ward @thatmarkgilroy @ianpettigrew @AndyHeroWell @hr_gem @MelC_LnD

Post conference included networking drinks and an #HRCurry set up by @ScruffyNick

It really was a very full and very wonderful day.

How on earth will I have the energy for Thursday?

Well despite the all pervasive Manchester rain, I am here bright and early for the important breakfast session on modern slavery hosted by the Slave-Free Alliance and Hope for Justice.

Another day of expectations is underway, and maybe I'll even have time today to bag some conference swag. Maybe!

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