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First ever Blue Tree Newsletter - January 2023

News - June 22

"The past 9 months have been a period of tremendous demand, opportunity and growth for our business


Whilst we have enjoyed providing continued excellent services for our retained clients, a number of high profile projects have also been undertaken.


From the spring of 2021 we provided an Interim HRD service to a business following an acquisition. Part-time on site, and full responsiveness and flexibility off-site helped the new MD to build a leadership team, establish HR excellence, and to define and roll out a new culture and Values to deliver their new growth strategy.  We are pleased now to have established in house HR and still to be retained for expert strategic advice.

Late in 2021, we were priviliged to be engaged by Co-operatives UK to conduct an Organisational Diagnostic, and then to be retained for 2022 to deliver the recommended Organisational Transformation.  This has included creating a Leadership Team, along with their own bespoke development activities, providing outsourced HR and being there for executive counsel and advice on demand.

Simultaneously we stepped in just before Christmas 2021 to help Yorkshire CCC in a time of unprecedented challenge with some short term HR support.  7 months later we are still there, having personally helped Darren Gough to rebuild the coaching team.  Additionally, we have helped managers and employees with support and good practices, whilst introducing HR excellence, building an HR function and implementing a brand new HRIS.  We are now helping as part of the Exec to develop Values and deliver a wide ranging EDI action plan.

We thank our valued associates for their support in delivering all of the above successes.

Looking forward we have Leadership Development projects, and exciting collaborations with several new businesses.

It really has been a tremendous period where the value of our expertise, insights, counsel and support has never been more in demand.

As we move forward we are now actively looking to grow to meet increased demand and to expand our reach and impact."

Phil Marsland, Founder, Director and Lead Consultant

FCIPD, BA (Hons)

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Past and present clients

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Multi sector pragmatic expertise

Outsourced and retained HR

Modern people practices

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Leadership and Culture

Developing workplaces where people thrive

Organisational diagnostic

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Management Development

Developing managers to algn and empower your people

Management skills and knowledge for the modern complex workplace

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