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The Blue Tree Metaphor

Tree Purpose Values and Leadership.jpg

All organisations are like Blue Trees.

The roots are your values and purpose – what you are here to do, and how will you act.

Your roots anchor you, guide you, and support everything above ground.

The trunk of the Blue Tree is your leadership capability and behaviours. Giving strength, guidance and direction to everyone above in your organisation.


The lower boughs characterise your approach to people. Call it HR if you will, but we believe its much more than that. Its about how you behave toward your people, the environment that you create for them in which to perform and thrive and grow. Its about maximising their strengths and potential, its not about conditioning them to be some fit in the box corporate drone. And these are not tasks for HR alone, they are tasks for all leaders and managers in your organisation, along with all colleagues.


As we head into the leaf canopy of your Blue Tree we encounter your managers. Those who, through their people deliver performance, those who need to ensure that they are aligned to your organisation’s purpose, and that their people are too. Those who are the first port of call for feedback, for motivation, and for ensuring that behaviours are aligned to your values and purpose.


In your leaf canopy perhaps each leaf represents one of your people. Aligned to your purpose, values and objectives. Connected to each other, very closely or somewhat less so. But each one different. Unique. Creative and innovative.  With their own thoughts, voice and contribution. But acting in harmony with the rest of your organisation.


Stepping back from your Blue Tree, you can see the whole. An aligned organisation. Strong. Thriving and growing. All contributing to the whole. This is your organisational capability and culture.  This is also what your people and your customers see, feel and experience.


You may be asking why the tree is blue? Well, you don’t want to be the same as every other tree do you? You want to stand out, to be different. To be you.

Tree and culture.jpg

Culture is an often thrown around word.  We think of it as the way things are done around here, how people think and feel, and what its like to work here, to work with us, and to be a customer of ours.

So, it should flow from your purpose and values and be seen at all touch points, consistently.

Tree chaos.jpg

Where you have lost your connection to your sense of purpose and your values, where your leadership is not ensuring that everyone's efforts and behaviours are aligned, then you have chaos, poor service, sub cultures, loss of productivity and the obvious negative impacts on the bottom line and your reputation.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, then we can help.

The Blue Tree Metaphor, images and logo are subject to Copyright        2018 Phil Marsland Limited

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